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Dear Lake Champlain Waldorf School Community,

On Saturday, January 31, many communities came together to celebrate the life of Christopher White, beloved father, husband, brother, and son, and a long-time supporter and friend to our school. Such a big man—in personality as well as stature—naturally drew together many people! The sanctuary at All Soul’s Interfaith Gathering was filled to overflowing, with at least 300 people filling the chairs and lining up outside the doors. The service included violin music from Gianna Kiehl, close friend of the family, a song by the Lake Champlain Waldorf High School choir, and spoken tributes from family, friends, and community members.

For many there, this service was life-changing, an unforgettable pause in the business of life. Christopher’s loved ones spoke movingly about the power of family, forgiveness and reconciliation in his life. It was impossible to be in the gathering, and not think of people we need to call, and words we need to say, to those close to us. It was a tremendous gift to be present.

Those of us who knew him miss Christopher enormously. All of us hold his family, Karen, Anna, Sarah and Hailey, with great love.

— Abigail Diehl-Noble, Upper Grades Teacher

Support for the White Family
A close friend of the family has set up a CaringBridge social network site to help us stay connected and offer support to the White family. You may go to Christopher’s site to receive updates and share messages of encouragement and compassion in the Guestbook. The site link is: and site name is: christopherwhitevt.

If you would like to help contribute towards the family’s needs, please go to: