Based on an in-depth study of child development, the Lake Champlain Waldorf curriculum guides students through each stage of their intellectual and personal growth, with the aim of fostering life-long learning.

While building a rigorous academic foundation, Waldorf education takes an innovative approach to educating the child. Teaching is holistic, with beauty and creativity infusing all subjects. Art, music, movement and language are emphasized equally along with science, math and English in the curriculum.

Early Childhood

Young children learn through imitation of practical and artistic activities including painting, handcrafts and baking. Storytelling engages the child’s imagination, while simple toys made with natural materials promote creative play. The children spend much of their day outdoors engaging their senses in work and play in the woods and gardens, caring for our sheep and chickens, or baking bread in our new outdoor oven. Find out more about our early childhood program »

Grade School

In the Lower Grades, the maturing child’s focus begins to shift from the pictorial to the conceptual, and the imagination, which was actively nurtured throughout kindergarten, now leads the way in sustained and productive learning. At the heart of the grade school curriculum is the two-hour main lesson during which a subject is studied for several weeks, and builds on prior learning. Arithmetic in the first grade becomes the foundation for the geometry of Platonic solids in eighth grade. After the Main Lesson, students engage in a broad range of specialty subjects including painting, handwork, instrumental music, eurythmy, physical education, and foreign languages. Beginning in fifth grade, instrumental ensemble, chorus, and woodworking are added. Find out more about our grade school »

High School

The high school curriculum engages the young adult’s growing idealism and intellectual thought. The academic program is rigorous and in-depth. By offering a wide variety of subjects, high school students have the opportunity to discover their own strengths and talents, giving them the self-confidence to succeed in all areas of their education. The daily schedule provides a balance between main lesson blocks and ongoing courses in English, history, mathematics and foreign languages. All students also participate in fine and practical arts, service learning, and competitive sports. Find out more about our high school »