Alumni Voices

In the last decade the number of Waldorf High Schools in North America has more than doubled and more and more Waldorf graduates are venturing into the world.

David Mitchell and Douglas Gerwin recently conducted a Survey of Waldorf Graduates to find out exactly what Waldorf Alumni are studying, what colleges they are attending, what careers are they choosing, and what values guide their lives.

According to this recent study of Waldorf graduates:

94% attend college or university
47% major in arts/humanities
42% major in sciences/math
89% are satisfied with their choice of occupation
91% practice and value life-long learning
92% highly value critical thinking
90% highly value tolerance of other viewpoints
82% value helping others

The study found that Waldorf graduates are equipped with many necessary skills to succeed in the adult world. Some examples include:

  • Multiple intelligences and the ability to learn across disciplines
  • Global consciousness and sustainability
  • A strong basis for moral navigation
  • Creative problem solving abilities
  • High levels of social intelligence
  • Environmental stewardship
  • High levels of emotional intelligence
  • Thinkers who think outside the box

Alumni Voices

“Waldorf really helped me to realize the importance of a global community, not only through my education but also through the opportunities provided through study abroad and exchange programs. After I graduated I took a year off and spent it traveling across Europe. When I entered college I felt totally prepared to meet new people and experience new things because of my experience with travel and the confidence it gave me in new situations. I was also able to engage in many extra curricular activities because of the vast amount of experience I had in LCWS exploring different arts, subjects, and areas of interest which I found very useful when picking my major and the classes that I wanted to take as well. I am currently a rising senior at Ithaca College studying Culture and Communication with a minor in Religious Studies.”

Ilana Miller
Class of 2009

“I thought my Waldorf education more than adequately prepared me for college. I had no problems with my academics, and my first semester I took a variety of courses including language and math. One of the biggest things my Waldorf education gave to me was the ability to think out of the box and make connections between different topics in my classes. I am a Sociology major at Smith College and I sing in an acapella group called the Smithereens.”

Sarah Dews
Class of 2012