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dsc08364_200x113January 5, 2017
What does it feel like to get the recommended amount of sleep every night for a month? Ask the tenth grade students at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School. During their month-long Physiology block the students put their own bodies to the test as they learned about the human body. (more…)

dsc_0573Wednesday, October 19
Middle school cross country teams from all across Chittenden County gathered at the Shelburne Museum on Wednesday for their final meet of the season. The warm fall weather and stunning views made for an exceedingly picturesque experience for racers and spectators alike. (more…)

img_3061November 22
The hallway at the grade school is filled with beautiful art. From first through eighth grade, the paintings and drawings the students make are filled with imagination, form, and beauty. (more…)

Kindergarten playSeptember 19, 2017 Teachers and students are filling our Early Childhood building with a strong sense of purpose and so much happiness. (more…)