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I will never forget seeing Saint Lucia when our daughter was in her first year at Waldorf, in Karen’s Kindergarten class. I could not believe my eyes to see a young child walking with such care and reverence with lit candles upon her head. I went home and told my husband, “They celebrate Saint Lucia with REAL candles! How cool is that?” We started celebrating Saint Lucia in our family a couple years before that but with battery operated candles. Then, it was such a treat for us to see our daughter shining her light when she was in 2nd grade. While she was a bit nervous beforehand, she persevered under the loving guidance of her teacher, Ms. Garlieb. (Julia Wahlin)


Kiendl Fisher Barlow boys

From early childhood to emerging adults. Celebrating our 20th year of friendship and parenting these fine young men. Their Waldorf education has inspired everything they do with passion, purpose and commitment. We couldn’t be prouder! (Felicia Far) Pictured left to right: Will Kiendl, Felicia Far, Carter Fisher, Mary Fisher, Liz Poulsen, Christopher Barlow



I love this early photo of the Shepherds’ Play. Karen White is Mary and husband Christopher (playing a Shepherd) is looking at her adoringly. The play was a gift from the faculty to the children for so many wonderful years. Pictured, left to right, standing to seated: Matthew Winston, Wendy Coughlan, Sueanne Campbell, Marcie Merriman-Means, Katherine Verman, Karen White, Christopher White, Pam Graham, Sheila Sharp and Michele Starr. (Katherine Verman)


“Then Sir Launcelot saw her visage, but he wept not greatly, but sighed.” Sir Thomas Malory, Le Morte D’Arthur, 1469, Book XXI, chap. 11.

(Helping to recruit volunteers for the 2007 Spring Benefit, featuring the Carmina Burana)

Kenneth Peck