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Two years ago our community purchased the former Morgan Horse Museum to create a new high school campus, and began planning an expansion of the grade school. Renovations for the new high school began in April with the goal of opening in the fall. We are so grateful to everyone who has already joined in this effort.

From the start, our capital campaign has been driven by the needs of our students and teachers.

And from the start, the students have asked, “How can we help?!” So when they learned that we are so close to our goal some high school students got together to create their own message about what they love about their school. Click on the image above to see it.

If you are so moved, please consider a donation or pledge to the campaign. We have only $21,000 to raise to meet our initial goal.


Would your child like to play in the woods, make forts and flower chains, and create art inspired by nature? Are your older kids ready for hiking, biking, swimming, fashion design or jewelry-making? Turtle Lane offers Art and Nature camps for children ages 3-8 and Adventure camps for active 8-12 year olds.  Campers of all ages will enjoy summer fun on the Lake Champlain Waldorf School’s 22 acres of fields, forests and gardens. Learn more…

If you have any questions about Turtle Lane Camp, please get in touch with Abigail Diehl-Noble, Camp Director.

LCWS Construction Begins! from Lake Champlain Waldorf School on Vimeo.



The Class of 2014 presented their projects in the first part of April.

Here is a beautiful slideshow put together by Mairead Collins, class of 2014. The culmination of Mairead’s senior project on happiness was to lead a weekend retreat with ninth and tenth grade girls on the subject of finding their own happiness. The weekend planned by Mairead and her mentor, Joan White-Hansen, included yoga, dance, meditation, artistic work, and shared meals featuring whole, organic foods.

Mairead CollinsHappiness: How Can I Bring It to Myself and Others?
Jenna Perrapato – Acting: The Empathetic Art and My Journey into a Character
Vincent Gauthier – Golf Instruction: The Keys to Game Improvement
Amanda DeBellis – Equine Spatial Dynamics–Building a Partnership with Horses through Liberty Training and Coordinated Movement Exercises
Noah Ranallo – Obtaining My Pilot License: How It Changed the Direction of My Life
Emily Nelson-Foster – Athletics: How Does the Environment of Team Sports Affect the Development of Middle School Students and Help to Promote Positive Interactions Among Them?
Ian Wheeler – Exploring the Business of DJing: How I Turned My DJing into a Business
Jonas Powell – Fixing a Motorcycle – Learning How I Think Through Hands-on Experience
Oliver Creech – Exploring Music and Emotion – How Does a Musician Express Emotion through Music?
Marissa Guidry – Vermont Archaeology: Exploring Archaeology in Vermont and What It Tells Us About Our History
Madi Cook-Comey – Fairy Tales – Exploring Fairy Tales from their Origins through their Modern Adaptations
Thomas Fortin – Building a Bamboo-Framed Bicycle – Utilizing Alternative Resources
Oliver Scanlon – The Process of Creating a CD and How the Process Affects the Musician
Nancy Lewis – Sound Through Architecture: Looking into the Acoustics of the Boston Symphony Concert Hall
Willa Cowan-Essig – Exploring Freakishness: What Makes a Freak?