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April 8-16

Senior Project presentations are underway. The school community is invited to attend all of the presentations listed below and is especially encouraged to come to the Community Presentation on April 16th at 7:00 p.m. when all of the students will give brief overviews of their work. For a printable version of the schedule click here.

Here is a beautiful slideshow put together by Mairead Collins, class of 2014. The culmination of Mairead’s senior project on happiness was to lead a weekend retreat with ninth and tenth grade girls on the subject of finding their own happiness. The weekend planned by Mairead and her mentor, Joan White-Hansen, included yoga, dance, meditation, artistic work, and shared meals featuring whole, organic foods.

Presentation Schedule:

Tuesday, April 8
3:45 – Mairead Collins – Happiness: How Can I Bring It to Myself and Others?
7: 15 – Jenna Perrapato – Acting: The Empathetic Art and My Journey into a Character

Wednesday, April 9
3:45 – Vincent Gauthier – Golf Instruction: The Keys to Game Improvement
7:15 – Amanda DeBellis – Equine Spatial Dynamics–Building a Partnership with Horses through Liberty Training and Coordinated Movement Exercises
Thursday, April 10
7:15 – Noah Ranallo – Obtaining My Pilot License: How It Changed the Direction of My Life

Friday, April 11
4:00 – Emily Nelson-Foster – Athletics: How Does the Environment of Team Sports Affect the Development of Middle School Students and Help to Promote Positive Interactions Among Them?

Monday, April 14
3:45 – Ian Wheeler – Exploring the Business of DJing: How I Turned My DJing into a Business
5:30 – Jonas Powell – Fixing a Motorcycle – Learning How I Think Through Hands-on Experience
7:15 – Oliver Creech – Exploring Music and Emotion – How Does a Musician Express Emotion through Music?

Tuesday, April 15
3:45 – Marissa Guidry – Vermont Archaeology: Exploring Archaeology in Vermont and What It Tells Us About Our History
5:30 – Madi Cook-Comey – Fairy Tales – Exploring Fairy Tales from their Origins through their Modern Adaptations
7:15 – Thomas Fortin – Building a Bamboo-Framed Bicycle – Utilizing Alternative Resources

Wednesday, April 16
3:45 – Oliver Scanlon – The Process of Creating a CD and How the Process Affects the Musician
5:30 – Nancy Lewis – Sound Through Architecture: Looking into the Acoustics of the Boston Symphony Concert Hall
7:00 – Community Presentation
Unscheduled: Willa Cowan-Essig – Exploring Freakishness: What Makes a Freak?

LCWS Construction Begins! from Lake Champlain Waldorf School on Vimeo.



Simplifying the Holidays

Monday, December 9, 7 p.m.

Anne Shapiro, parenting coach, Waldorf teacher, and mother of three, will share ideas, strategies, and inspiration for creating holidays that fit your family’s needs. Turtle Lane Campus. FREE, RSVP to Pam Graham (802)985-2827 ext. 12.

Joshua Nolan Moore, six year-old son of Jason and Christina Moore, (more…)