Early Childhood

A beautiful bridge from home to school is created in all of our early childhood programs. We know that relationships are the basis of all that young children learn: through their primary relationships with parents and family, and, as their world slowly expands, through loving connections to teachers, friends, and others in the community, children develop an ever-growing picture of the world and their secure place in it.

Young children also learn best through doing. In our kindergarten day a child may bake bread, cut up vegetables for soup, paint, play in the mud, build a bridge of sticks for a frog, mold beeswax, or wash the drinking cups. Even tidying up the doll corner becomes a rich experience of singing, folding, and accomplishing something tangible! In this natural, secure, loving, and creative environment, the children’s bodies and sense of purpose grow. The foundations for academics—the ability to wonder and imagine, to stay focused on a task, to solve problems independently and with others, to control impulses, and to experience other perspectives—are thoughtfully laid in our early childhood programs.

In addition, our teachers carefully observe and support children’s physical development through the early years so that children’s sense of balance, spatial orientation, gross and fine motor skills are helped to grow along with their bodies. Our teachers know that a successful transition to grade school depends on the body and mind, and we are committed to helping children develop all of their abilities in order to become joyful, life-long learners.