High School

Are you ready to be inspired? Are you willing not just to question, but to hear that sometimes there are no answers — only more questions? If so, then LCWS is the place for you.

Our curriculum will make you think about things you thought you knew, in new ways. It will show you ideas you hadn’t yet dreamed of. You will learn to see connections between all subjects, and between you and everything you learn. You will be expected to go deeper, consider more, and communicate your thoughts clearly. You will learn to solve problems that seem too big to solve, bit by bit. You will learn about yourself.

Waldorf high school students develop deep and lasting friendships with one another as they participate in a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on experiences, dialogue, and adventure in seminar classes and real-world settings. High school students are searching for truth, purpose, and understanding and the Waldorf high school education offers guidance and inspiration to students as they pursue their emerging ideals.

Who am I? How can I make a difference in life?

Students find their own answers to these central questions through a curriculum that addresses their cognitive, emotional, and social needs in a way that guides them towards responsible adulthood.

While the life of the mind is the central focus of the high school, life as a whole is never far removed. The quality of thought the teachers engender in the students is imaginative in nature, warmed by enthusiasm for life, guiding students towards seeing the whole in the parts, and the practical in the ideal.

Our aim is to graduate young adults who view themselves and others with equal measures of compassion and objectivity.