woods-walk_200x120Wednesday, November 9
Bright lights slowly twinkle through the branches of the nighttime forest. The first through third grade students at Lake Champlain Waldorf School, with lanterns lit and shining, make their way along the trail. (more…)

fourthgradefarm_200x120Tuesday, October 11
The fourth grade studies Native Americans in a teepee, and then pioneers at New Village Farm! (more…)


It’s soup-making day in Karen’s kindergarten class, and every child holds a small paring knife, carefully chopping carrots, potatoes, and leeks brought from home. They work quietly, with intention and anticipation, knowing they will be rewarded with a delicious snack they made themselves. Learning how to handle a kitchen knife is a first lesson in their Practical Arts education at Lake Champlain Waldorf School, which will progress side by side with academics, music, foreign languages, and athletics. (more…)

dsc_0573Wednesday, October 19
Middle school cross country teams from all across Chittenden County gathered at the Shelburne Museum on Wednesday for their final meet of the season. The warm fall weather and stunning views made for an exceedingly picturesque experience for racers and spectators alike. (more…)