The Early Childhood is bustling with energy!

Kindergarten playSeptember 19, 2017 Teachers and students are filling our Early Childhood building with a strong sense of purpose and so much happiness.

The children delight in the sandbox, the swings, the shady forest areas and the many trails through the woods.

With such a full program, we have been taking turns on different playgrounds, providing many opportunities for the children to explore the variety of environments right outside our classroom doors.

One day while the Sunflower class was sitting in one of the forest shelters listening to a story, we heard a group coming along and suddenly, there was Ms. Cudney with her fourth grade class! They were surprised to see us as the children had been sitting so quietly. There is always a bit of magic and mystery out in the forest.


While the children are enjoying their time together, we as a faculty are feeling grateful to be forming such strong collegial bonds. With such diverse backgrounds and teaching experiences, we have much to learn from each other. Our meetings are a time of sharing stories from our classes, exchanging ideas, and quite a bit of laughter. Oh, and chocolate!

We are all grateful to be a part of this thriving community and we are looking forward to our upcoming Michaelmas celebration, which will bring us together in partnership with all of the folks whom we don’t get to see everyday.

Karen White
on behalf of the Early Childhood Branch