Senior Projects

The Class of 2014 presented their projects in the first part of April.

Here is a beautiful slideshow put together by Mairead Collins, class of 2014. The culmination of Mairead’s senior project on happiness was to lead a weekend retreat with ninth and tenth grade girls on the subject of finding their own happiness. The weekend planned by Mairead and her mentor, Joan White-Hansen, included yoga, dance, meditation, artistic work, and shared meals featuring whole, organic foods.

Mairead CollinsHappiness: How Can I Bring It to Myself and Others?
Jenna Perrapato – Acting: The Empathetic Art and My Journey into a Character
Vincent Gauthier – Golf Instruction: The Keys to Game Improvement
Amanda DeBellis – Equine Spatial Dynamics–Building a Partnership with Horses through Liberty Training and Coordinated Movement Exercises
Noah Ranallo – Obtaining My Pilot License: How It Changed the Direction of My Life
Emily Nelson-Foster – Athletics: How Does the Environment of Team Sports Affect the Development of Middle School Students and Help to Promote Positive Interactions Among Them?
Ian Wheeler – Exploring the Business of DJing: How I Turned My DJing into a Business
Jonas Powell – Fixing a Motorcycle – Learning How I Think Through Hands-on Experience
Oliver Creech – Exploring Music and Emotion – How Does a Musician Express Emotion through Music?
Marissa Guidry – Vermont Archaeology: Exploring Archaeology in Vermont and What It Tells Us About Our History
Madi Cook-Comey – Fairy Tales – Exploring Fairy Tales from their Origins through their Modern Adaptations
Thomas Fortin – Building a Bamboo-Framed Bicycle – Utilizing Alternative Resources
Oliver Scanlon – The Process of Creating a CD and How the Process Affects the Musician
Nancy Lewis – Sound Through Architecture: Looking into the Acoustics of the Boston Symphony Concert Hall
Willa Cowan-Essig – Exploring Freakishness: What Makes a Freak?